Health Care Forum-Voices in Support of Single Payer

Candidates who have the courage to stand up for true universal health care are few and far between, even as the number of health care tragedies in our country rises.

But John Laesch is no ordinary candidate, and health care is too critical an issue.

Last night in Elgin, Dr. Quentin Young, Illinois Sen. Mike Noland (D-22) and John Laesch spoke at an early evening forum hosted by the campaign.

Dr. Young, a tireless fighter for health care parity and justice, spoke of his history as a universal health care advocate, and the importance of our election.

John offered a detailed power point presentation exploring some of the questions concerning single payer health care and explaining some of the finer points.

Sen. Noland brought the crowd up to speed on developments in Springfield, and true to his grass roots, spoke of the challenges candidates face when opposed by big money.

The crowd consisted of many health care professionals, leading to an informative conversation with many differing perspectives. Quite a few of the people attending offered their own stories and problems with our current system, and all justify with a greater understanding and appreciation of a single payer health care solution.