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Tell the FCC and Congress You Support Net Neutrality

The FCC is investigating complaints that a major internet service provider is selectively blocking traffic.

We need to let the FCC and Congress know that we are willing to defend net neutrality from big corporate interests Go to our action page to send your personal message to your government representatives.

At this point in the campaign, the most important thing that you can be doing is helping to distribute yard signs. We already have significant name recognition throughout the district, but we are going to need to do more if we are going to beat the Republicans. Putting a sign in your yard and asking your friends to do the same is the best way to help build name recognition at the grassroots level. You may contact the campaign at [email protected] or stop by the office at 46 W. Downer Place, Aurora, IL. 60560.

  1. Nominate John Laesch for Russ Feingold’s Progressive Patriots Fund. Tell Senator Feingold to support a strong progressive candidate for an open seat and special election.
  2. Nominate John Laesch at Democracy for America
  3. Join the Laesch for Congress Blog team by writing to [email protected]
  4. Join Progressive Democrats for America (PDA)
  1. Volunteer to work on Election Day. Feb. 5, 2008 is the most important day of the election cycle. It would be very helpful if you could take the day off work and help make phone calls, give people rides to the polls, hand out literature, distribute door-hangers, be a poll watcher or sign up to be an election judge. Please go to the volunteer page and fill out a form with all of your contact information and let us know how you would like to help. Sign up to become a volunteer.
  2. Help build name recognition by putting a John Laesch lawn sign in your yard. Send an e-mail to [email protected] for all of the addresses where you would like to put a John Laesch lawn sign
  3. Write letters to the editor of your local paper and tell people why you are supporting John Laesch.
  4. Tell your neighbors about John Laesch by distributing literature in your neighborhood. The campaign will gladly provide you with a short training session and a list of like-minded, Democratic voters in your neighborhood. Sign up to become a volunteer.
  5. Invite John over to your home or a neighborhood café to meet your friends, neighbors or co-workers.
  6. Make phone calls. During the winter months, we will be depending heavily on our phone bankers to get do voter identification. You can make calls from home by writing to [email protected] or by stopping in the campaign office at 46 W. Downer Place, Aurora, IL. 60506/ 630.801.8900.
  7. Distribute yard signs in your area. Please write a short e-mail to [email protected] or call 630.801.8900 to be part of this important team.
  8. Send your personal endorsement of John Laesch to [email protected].