John Responds to the State of the Union Address

John Responds to the State of the Union AddressLast night George W. Bush delivered his final State of the Union address.

Early on he stated, “We believe that the most reliable guide for our country is the collective wisdom of ordinary citizens.”

He closed his address citing the first three words of our Constitution, and the three words I chose as our campaign theme, “We the People”.

Unfortunately the President’s rhetoric last night does not measure up with his actions, and he demonstrated that he is still committed to the politics of fear.

Fortunately, after seven years of his pro-corporate policies that weaken the middle class, after six years with a Republican Congress ready to rubber stamp these policies, after five years of George Bush’s fear-based, foreign policy debacle that is Iraq, the American people are speaking their wisdom in record numbers this election season, and their voices are summarily rejecting these policies.