Four Candidates and a Future Congressman

Four Candidates and a Future Congressman

The League of Women Voters sponsored a forum on Tuesday for all five candidates running for former Speaker Hastert’s open seat in the 14th.
Video of the debate will be posted on the League website and we’ll let you know when that happens so you can see John in action.

Excitement and interest in this race are high.

We were told the LWV expected about 200 hundred people but today’s papers report the crowd was 600.

Last night, John showed that he had the political will to lead and fight for important issues.

Among the candidate’s positions on Iraq, John’s was the only one clear and direct: cut funding for the war, the only real option for a Congressman, and bring our soldiers home now.

Regarding our health care crisis, John’s support of Rep. Conyers’ bill, HR-676, Medicare for All, distinguished him as the only candidate ready to vote for true universal health care.

While the Republicans on stage called for more free market/for profit solutions and John’s Democratic opponents wouldn’t commit to any particular health care financing solution, John offered a national health care plan that 79 members of Congress already support.

John challenged Republican Jim Oberweis’ impartiality on trade issues.
John noted that Oberweis’ investment fund , Oberweis Asset Management, makes $ 14 million dollars a year from investment in China, creating a potential conflict of interest regarding trade legislation. Oberweis did not respond to John’s comments.

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