John’s Statement on the Regular Primary Election

Primary Election

Let me begin by congratulating Bill Foster in his special election win.

We will be cheering him on in the special election.

This is what we know with respect to the regular primary election that was held on February 5th.

Currently, we know that there is a difference of 355 votes out of 75,000 votes cast in a historic Democratic turnout for this district. This is less than 1 vote per precinct.

Yesterday, February 7th was the first day when election officials could begin to count provisional ballots. As of today, there are a significant number of provisional and absentee ballots that remain uncounted.

We have been in close contact with officials in the 9 jurisdictions throughout the 14th Congressional District. And I would like to express my appreciation to all of the election judges who had to deal with the challenges that came with three elections in a very short period of time. It has been challenging for many of them and we are grateful for their continued effort to help us resolve some of the unknowns as we await the process.

By Illinois Statute, provisional and absentee ballots must be counted by February 19th. The regular primary must be certified by March 7th.

While we are awaiting the official election results, we remain committed to the Democratic process.

The next question I would like to answer is what is next for John Laesch?

I became involved in electoral politics because I disagreed with 2003 pre-emptive war policy and invasion of Iraq. I chose to run for United States Congress in 2005 after my brother received his orders to go to Baghdad. I have stated consistently that I will remain involved in electoral politics until every single U.S. soldier is safely home from Iraq.

My younger brother, Sgt. Pete Laesch voted with an absentee ballot on February 5th.

As of today, my brother’s vote has not been counted.

We have no choice but to await the final results of the February 5th Primary Election.”

John Laesch Has National Ambitions (Northern Star article)

former military intelligence analyst

John Laesch is campaigning for Congress in the 14th District of Illinois.

Laesch, a former military intelligence analyst, previously ran for the 14th District seat in 2006 but was defeated by former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. Hastert has since announced his retirement and does not plan to run for Congress in 2008.

“You’ll hear me talk consistently about the importance of three things,” Laesch said. “Those things are the war in Iraq, the importance of health care and the economy.”

Laesch has one eye firmly fixed on international affairs.

“One of the biggest reasons why I’m running is the war in Iraq; there’s no real plan to get out or to win the peace,” Laesch said. “The primary reason we’re involved is because of oil, only to occupy. Bush wants his friends to monopolize the region, that’s his goal.”

The lack of military experience in today’s political leaders is something Laesch, who served in the Middle East, sees as an advantage for himself.

“Basically, we’ve got a bunch of lawyers making decisions they know nothing about,” Laesch said. “We need someone in there who knows the situation and the region we’re dealing with.”

Laesch has a personal tie to the current war in Iraq.

“My brother received his orders to go to Iraq in 2005 and was there for the end of 2005 and most of 2006,” Laesch said. “When he went overseas, that’s when I decided I was running.”

health care and the economy

“I want to get every American soldier and private contractor out of Iraq,” Laesch said. “We could do that in two to three months successfully. The problem is, Congress doesn’t have the power to do this directly. But I can vote to cut the war funding and basically twist the president’s arm behind his back, forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to.”

Laesch also emphasizes health care and economy, hoping to bring better coverage and more jobs to citizens.

“We’ve got families working two to three jobs just to get by sometimes. They can’t afford to pay health insurance,” Laesch said. “What I’m working toward is a single-payer national health care plan, which essentially means people will get medication and coverage for free. Basically, everyone would have open medicare from birth to death, instead of only having access to it once they are 65.”

Laesch has outlined an environmentally conscious plan which will create new jobs.

“I would adopt a new environmental energy policy, involving the production of hybrid cars, a high-speed continental railroad and environmental home remodeling,” Laesch said. “All three of these things will create jobs.”

“The trade deficit is ridiculous – something like $702 billion, it’s a problem that has to be addressed. We need to fix the trade imbalance, so we’re producing things in America again,” Laesch said.

Progressive Grassroots Movement and the Iowa Caucuses

Progressive Grassroots Movement and the Iowa Caucuses

The progressive grassroots won a huge victory in Iowa.

Barack Obama and John Edwards both showed that people are listening to a message of economic populism and real change. The people want a candidate that will speak for their values. They want a leader who will take on corporate special interests and return government to the people.

While we in Illinois are especially proud that our Senator won in Iowa, we should also note John Edwards’ second place finish. Edwards was outspent 6 to 1, and conventional wisdom would say that he didn’t have the money to compete; but John Edwards has a message that resonates with the people.

Right now, my opponents in both parties are offering slick mailers, slogans and sound bites. Two are self-funded, dipping deep into their own personal fortunes to finance their campaigns.

I offer the voters a clear, concise message of truth, hope and change. Just as voters in Iowa said yes to change, so will the people of Illinois’ 14th district.

John’s Supporters Speak Out

John’s Supporters Speak OutWe’re always appreciative when our supporters take the time to express their opinions about John.

People from a wide range of backgrounds have written about what’s important to them in this campaign, and we listen to them all.

You can read our supporters’ letters to the editor here.

Today in the Daily Herald, five physicists offered the reasons why they support John:

For change, cast a vote for John Laesch

Bringing about change from a government hijacked by corporate power is not a physics problem.

It is one that the voters in each congressional district can solve by electing independent candidates who understand our needs and will work for our best interests.

This is why we support John Laesch for the U.S. House in the 14th District.