State Senator Mike Noland Endorses John

State Senator Mike Noland Endorses John

On Tuesday January 8, State Senator Mike Noland endorsed

Democrat John Laesch for Congress in Illinois’ 14th district.

Noland’s 22nd District is in the northern part of the 14th Congressional District.

“Clear eyed and direct on the issues,” said Noland of Laesch,

“his positions on the need for health care reform, a new energy policy, and dogged persistence in general are just a few reasons why we need him now.”

“Senator Noland’s endorsement gives our campaign a tremendous boost as we head towards the February 5th Democratic Primary Election,” said Laesch.

“I have worked closely with Mike and, like his constituents, I respect his persistent leadership. I look forward to working with Senator Noland and all of the elected officials, local and state, to address issues like traffic congestion in Northern Kane County, affordable healthcare and economic opportunity.”

Organization Endorsements

Organization Endorsements

ust before we took a little breather for the Holidays the UAW region 4 announced that after a very involved and lengthy evaluation process of all the Democratic candidates, John Laesch, was the candidate that they believe will best represent their membership. John Laesch will be a leader on healthcare, workers rights, and fair trade policies.

John Laesch is proud to stand and speak for the issues that most affect the his union Brothers and sisters. He knows what it is like to get up everyday and go to work and understands the issues facing the working men and women of the district and even the country.

Another Endorsement for John

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 196, has endorsed John Laesch for Congress in Illinois’ 14th district.

“We believe you will continue to fight for the working families of the entire United States of America, to keep our nation employed and moving ahead.”

The IBEW, Local 196, are highly trained and skilled men and women who have helped build and maintain the electrical infrastructure in Northern Illinois for over 100 years.

The Laesch for Congress campaign thanks the IBEW for their endorsement, and is honored to be once again recognized by the working men and women of Illinois.

All Organization Endorsements

All Organization Endorsements

A personʼs wealth should never be a factor in the quality of health care they receive. To often illness in a family will lead to employers cutting costs by removing the employee whose family member is driving up company health care premiums. This will leave a family, already burdened by a chronic illness, with little or no income and no insurance. Itʼs not the employers fault. In order to continue providing at least a minimal insurance plan to the other employees, those who need it the most must be sacrificed.

Unlike what the insurance industry would have you believe the cause of the healthcare crisis in this country isnʼt the result of trial layers. The real reason people are dieing and families are being destroyed is a direct result of insurance lobbyists bribing politicians with campaign contributions. Those are two of the reasons why Iʼve decided to vote for John Laesch. I believe John is the best chance the fourteenth district has in this election to help end the political bribery and bring about a single-payer healthcare system.