Progressive Grassroots Movement and the Iowa Caucuses

Progressive Grassroots Movement and the Iowa Caucuses

The progressive grassroots won a huge victory in Iowa.

Barack Obama and John Edwards both showed that people are listening to a message of economic populism and real change. The people want a candidate that will speak for their values. They want a leader who will take on corporate special interests and return government to the people.

While we in Illinois are especially proud that our Senator won in Iowa, we should also note John Edwards’ second place finish. Edwards was outspent 6 to 1, and conventional wisdom would say that he didn’t have the money to compete; but John Edwards has a message that resonates with the people.

Right now, my opponents in both parties are offering slick mailers, slogans and sound bites. Two are self-funded, dipping deep into their own personal fortunes to finance their campaigns.

I offer the voters a clear, concise message of truth, hope and change. Just as voters in Iowa said yes to change, so will the people of Illinois’ 14th district.